About a Girl (English, 2019)

A symbolic illustrated poem about a girl coming of age. You may find it here

0. Cover2 copy


About Grandma (English, 2019)

This is my first illustrated Children’s Book and it’s all in English. A small story of how a cute Grandma spends time with her grandson. You may find it here or here.

About Grandma


Damon and Phedias : Five Versions (Greek,2016)

Five versions of the ancient greek myth translated from Ancient Greek. Latin, Japanese and German to Modern Greek, by myself. Special thanks to Vasilis Tsekouras and Gabrielides Publications for making this dream of mine come true.

Damon and Phedias


Seasons (Greek, 2014)

This is a small bilingual collection of haiku by Matsuo Basho translated from Japanese to Greek by myself.  Many thanks to gialos publishing for the wonderful work.

季節 - 松尾芭蕉



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